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The pandemic has not affected Polish start-ups. As many as 40 percent of them believe that the global situation neither accelerated nor delayed their development.

The top foreign expansion direction considered by Polish startups is the EU market, followed by the United States and Canada.

Want to know more?

Read the latest report of Startup Poland Foundation “Polish Startups 2021”. The publication, already prepared for the seventh time, is the only research of its kind in Poland and the most complete source of knowledge on Polish innovative companies for a given year.

This year’s report contains, among other things, information on sources of financing for Polish startups, as well as opportunities and plans for their expansion and barriers to growth, regulatory recommendations and facts about the introduction of ESOPs, and a foreign perspective on our native startup market.

What sources of capital have you used so far?

To what economic areas worldwide do you consider foreign expansion?


What is the total funding from all rounds?

What barriers are most problematic for you now?

Raising finance in subsequent phases of development

High employment costs

Organisational problems connected with the extension of the startup

Fast-changing and unclear regulations

Formalties related to conducting activity

Is an ESOP implemented in the startup?


No, but we are planning to implement